Visual Design for an event and lecture about female diverse networks in the design industry. Editing & Design: Julia Klass, Corinna Gratzl, Franzi Häußner Context: Initiated by Dagmar Korintenberg at HTWG Konstanz MORE
The variety of fruits and vegetables seems to be very diverse. But in the last 100 years, between 70 and 90 percent of crop varieties have been lost. If crops are not grown, they disappear irreversibly. Along with their unique taste, qualities of the plants that we will need in the future to secure our food supply get lost, too. The magazine and website "Bota" raise awareness about the disappearance and preservation of fruit and vegetable varieties. Editing & Design: Linnéa Tovar und Franzi Häußner Kontext: Bachelor Project at Münster School of Design – Prof. Rüdiger Quass von Deyen MORE
Rhizom used to be the magazine at the Münster School of Design. Designed, written, produced and published by the students themselves. At the end of each semester, it was presented and sold at the bachelor's graduation exhibition. For the 29th and final issue, 14 designers worked as a team to create an issue with the topic "Freiraum" (free space). Editing & Design: Nadine Aber, Franzi Häußner, Darline Horstmann, Miriam Pohl, Lea-Mara Wilper, Esther Grünewald, Mirjam Bauer, Inga Paulussen, Nadine Sleimann, Anna Oestreich, Nora Karl, Thomas Kucyk, Kim Janke, Alexandra Trauth, Maureen Seel Context: Münster School of Design - Prof. Rüdiger Quass von Deyen MORE
Working in a team of two, we were given the task of designing a graduation catalog. This catalog was to be a lasting memory for the students of the Faculty of Oecotrophology and Facility Management at Münster University of Applied Sciences: Of their fellow students, their work, and their time at the university. Design: Franziska Jochens, Franzi Häußner MORE
As part of the parcours project, a graduate catalog is always created as a give-away for the graduates. We designed it to match the appearance of parcours twenty-twenty. The catalog presents the work of the graduates. Quotation pages of the professors as well as atmospheric photographs of the Münster School of Design remind of the time there. Editing and Design: Linnéa Tovar, Franzi Häußner Context: Münster School of Design
Parcours is the semester exhibition of the bachelor and master projects of the Münster School of Design. This is planned, designed and realized every semester as part of a seminar. In 2020, the exhibition took place during the Corona pandemic. In a team of 16 students, we create a corporate design that generates analog and digital attention. A virtual exhibition, live program, interview videos on individual works, digital and analog communication, a ceremony, a catalog, various print products.
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