The variety of fruits and vegetables seems to be very diverse. But in the last 100 years, between 70 and 90 percent of crop varieties have been lost. If crops are not grown, they disappear irreversibly. Along with their unique taste, qualities of the plants that we will need in the future to secure our food supply get lost, too.
The magazine and website "Bota" raises awareness about the disappearance and preservation of fruit and vegetable varieties.

The magazine covers topics ranging from the taste and appearance of old varieties to stories of preservationists, climate change, and the industry. It creates an inspiring and encouraging atmosphere that provides information, entertains, and encourages people to look further into the topic. One way to do that is the “Bota’s” website.

In the "Finder", old varieties, initiatives, and places that are committed to preservation can be searched for. There are inspiring “Stories” to discover and interesting facts to learn.
Linnéa and Franzi searched for old varieties themselves and were inspired by their visits to dedicated preservationists.


Editing & Design: Linnéa Tovar und Franzi Häußner
Context: Graduation Project at Münster School of Design – Prof. Rüdiger Quass von Deyen


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